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Holaaaa!!! cómo va la locura del LIF Week 2012? He visto que muchas de mis compañeras bloggers han sacado concursos para sortear entradas, ganaron algo? ya saben qué ponerse? No quiero imaginarme el tráfico en la puerta del Jockey Plaza!!! Pero vale la pena, estoy segura que si.
Muchas de las lectoras me pidieron una foto del look que llevaba el domingo para el día de la tierra. Acá lo tienen. Sin maquillaje, fotos semi improvisadas y tomadas por mi esposo (mi mayor fan) desde un GalaxyAce.
Que tengan un lindo día!

LIF Week 2012 has just started in Lima, and I can´t imagine how crazy people are getting about it!!! This is an event that everyone related to fashion has been waiting for a very long time.
I feel so proud every time I look back to five years ago and see how things have changed for good in Perú. Believe it or not, I think fashion bloggers are a very important part of it all.

Do you know that last year Custo did a special runway and this year it’s Adolfo Dominguez’s turn? Many international designers are starting to get interested in Perú. Sounds pretty ok to me!!

Many readers asked me about the outfit I wore on Sunday for Earth Day. Well, I found these pictures my husband took with his Galazy Ace while we were going to the park, please don’t expect much!!

Have a nice one!

  • jersey / mint knit sweater: h&m
  • pitillos / mint skinny jeans: zara
  • ballerinas / flats: catu shoes
  • pañoleta / scarf (head): mads norgaard
  • messenger bag:  mango

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